Casa Cherda is housed in a beautiful stately mansion, discretely located and without any neighbors.

You can enter discreetly. You do not need to call outside the door is open, once inside you are in the hall and the doorbell rings automatically. Here you wait until the hostess welcomes you. With the hostess / host you charge € 80.00 (This is also for the first half hour with a lady of your choice).

(If you do not want to use the living room, please indicate this to the hostess/host. The ladies will come to introduce themselves to you one by one in the hallway after which you can make a choice without any obligations. Can not make a choice? No problem then we would like to see you another time).

For this you will have a safe for your clothes and valuables and a bathrobe at your disposal. You immediately paid for your first half hour of horny sex (room rent and lady); in the open space of the erotic living room or in one of the beautiful private rooms.

Of course you can have a look around first and sit down with a drink. The girls and ladies introduce themselves, but don't impose. If you want to get to know one of the delicacies further, you can sit next to her or give her a hint. She'll come to you.

You will understand that this will usually result in a further exploration of each other. And that doesn't matter, because that's what Casa Cherda is for.

Furthermore, you can stay in the open space as long as you like and enjoy erotic movies and lovemaking.

If you decide to have another erotic adventure, in the open space or in the room, you will pay € 80.00 per half hour or € 150.00 per hour for that.

Any extras that the girls can use to increase your enjoyment will be charged directly to the girls.

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Unique experience

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Bar / living room

In our open sex / sexclub we have a cozy bar and intimate seats at our disposal! We serve various types of soft drinks but also a delicious cold beer or a glass of wine.


In our private house / sexclub are 7 private rooms available, of which several rooms with private shower. These are ideal for trios or even larger groups. Ask about that. A separate spacious bathroom is at your disposal.


At Casa Cherda there are several sexy ladies varying in age from 21 to 38 years present. Don't you want to be intimate in the living room? Then you can also retreat privately to one of our spacious rooms.


Ladies who receive you with us hope to welcome you with a smile, and to make you leave our private house with an even wider smile!